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  1. Good wax for Sublime? Zymol?

    SRT Hellcat Detailing
    Looking at going with a Zymol Creame wax designed for light colored cars. Anyone use it yet? Zymol Hand Crafted Waxes - Creame Wax, 8 Ounces: Automotive Or what wax (Cquartz not available around here) do you use on your Sublime car?
  2. Wax before clear bra/paint protection film?

    SRT Hellcat Detailing
    Did you polish and wax before having the clear bra/paint protection film installed? Planning to have the front end, mirrors and lower rear bumper cover done. I was curious if the film would still stick if I clay bar and wax the car first? I would like to get the shipping contaminants off and...