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suspension handling

  1. Fixed My Wheel Hop! Hellcat Charger

    Emerging Hellcat Issues
    Hey Gents, I have a factory order 2018 Hellcat Charger with 18,000km (11,000mi) May about 10,000km it began wheel hopping to a point where I didn’t enjoy the car anymore . After doing research, I made up my mind it was worth it to change the rear cradle bushings (main culprit) and rear lower...
  2. M6 rear diff mount to cradle bushings

    SRT Hellcat Performance
    Looking for an aftermarket alternative for diff to cradle bushings. Reaching out to hellcat community for some help any suppliers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ordered a 3.90 diff Black Friday 707. Delivered. Got a set of whiteline cradle mounts coming soon 224.delivered while I...
  3. Best mods for handling?

    General Automotive Discussion
    All, I have been reading and searching these forums for awhile now and notice most post focus on increasing power. I would like to know what are the best mods to improve handling. I don't want to mess with ride height since I have to be careful with the splitter already. Things I have...