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  1. New Member to the Forum

    New Member Introduction
    Hey guys & gals, I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself as I have gotten serious about modding my car. I have tracked my car numerous times over the last year with a mostly stock Challenger Hellcat. Only thing really done is muffler delete and slicks. It's a daily driver, so l...
  2. Track Cat Brakes

    Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    I wanted to start a thread about brake upgrades on Charger Hellcats for Track use. I recently felt brake fade for the first time running my HC at the F1 track in Austin. I have been running my car there for months now, and I recently upgraded my tires and am now hitting higher top speeds in the...
  3. Charger Hellcat Eats Imports on Homestead Miami Speedway

    Road Racing : AutoX : ORR (Open Road Racing)
    Took the HC to the track for the first time and was very impressed with it's ability to grip on the hard turns at higher speeds with the stock tires. First the settings: Transmission - Track Suspension - Track Traction - Street HP - 700 Paddles - on but not used for my best times Here are my...