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  1. I'm not sorry. This could ruin your day, you cannot unsee this.

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
    So I was bee-boppin around youtube, as I am prone to do, and stumbled upon this gem. Before people get all uppity, as I have said before, when people give merit and credibility to every sub-genre and sub-culture we end up being forced to acknowledge insane things as being acceptable. This is...
  2. Does anyone have a problem with me posting my YouTube channel about car buying?

    SRT Hellcat Purchasing
    I've had a YouTube for quite some time, and lately I've used my experience in the car business to help others buy cars better. What to look for, how to negotiate, etc. Also, try and post cool videos of the Hellcat. I've been in to photography/videography for a very long time, so you won't find...
  3. New Member from Orange County! Rush SRT

    New Member Introduction
    Hey guys, I am a new member from Orange County, CA I have a 2017 Challenger SRT 392 in Destroyer Grey. Wanted to join this forum as I have been seeing a lot of useful information on it and wanted to contribute where I could. I run a small YouTube channel called Rush SRT and looking to...
  4. What's everyone's Instagram and Youtube?

    SRT Hellcat General Discussions
    Hey guys I love this forum. Found more information on here then I could ever imagine. Im trying to get my accounts to grow a little. I want everyone to see my cat. Below is the link to my latest video on Youtube and a Screenshot of my Instagram page. If y'all don't mind please comment either...