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2016 Challenger Hellcat
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I have a 2016 Challenger Hellcat. Some buddies and I are planning to run our cars at Shift Sector in Coalinga, CA in November. I’d like some advice on how to put my car together for it for the 1/2 mile. What tires will I need for it, etc… Here is my list of mods. Thank you in advance.

-JLT cold air intake
-Stainless Works cat delete
-2.72 upper pulley
-Ripatuned lower pulley
-FIC1200 injectors
-BWoody 3.5 inch heat exchanger
-ProFlex Commander Pro flex fuel kit
-Steve White Dual fuel pumps
-DSS driveshaft
-3.09 LSD
-18in Bravada wheels (Rear only)

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2016 Hellcat Challenger A8 (Maximum Steel)
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I ran the shift sector 1/2 mile event here in Marion, IN this summer and ran on my Mickey Thompson Street R's (305/45/17) in the rear. I aired the tires up to 30psi due to the duration of the run as opposed to running 1/4 mile. My car makes 860rwhp and even on the Street R's ,I spun up to about 80mph but still trapped 170mph. I think 25psi would have been a better psi to be at traction wise and still safe for the 1/2 mile. Some people will try to steer you away from running drag radials at 1/2 mile events but myself and plenty other cars ran them with no issues, for multiple passes throughout the day. I ran the stock Pirelli's up front.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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