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1/4 times from performance page

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Ran back to back quarter times at a farm road near my house. This was in street tires (pilot sport all season). Lowered springs, cam heads, Aad wheel hop, etc. the car has went 9.6s but I was pleasantly surprised with the 11s on street tires. Literally rolling into the throttle.

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With that kind of 0-60 time I would be looking at 13s in the 1/4. very impressive!
Slow start I know. If I can get it down to 3.5 then I’ll be deep in the 10s on all season 20” tires lol
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Here’s my car timer of a street run the other night, my best on the street so far on 20” 315/35 Nitto 555R2’s. Car timer and high precision Gtech match pretty closely recording the run. The Gtech captures 1/4 speed at the moment of crossing the 1/4 mark, always captures a hair higher mph then the cars timer which may average the last 50 ft or so simular to track timer. What this shows is the cars timer is pretty damn accurate most times. Good run for a M6 Cat on street tires no burnout.
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3.1 on street tires wow! I can’t help but to think of I could get in the 3s I’d be in the 10s. I feel so slow off the line.
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F it… now I’m on a mission! Are you preloading or launching in 2nd?
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