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1/4 times from performance page

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Ran back to back quarter times at a farm road near my house. This was in street tires (pilot sport all season). Lowered springs, cam heads, Aad wheel hop, etc. the car has went 9.6s but I was pleasantly surprised with the 11s on street tires. Literally rolling into the throttle.

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Here’s my car timer of a street run the other night, my best on the street so far on 20” 315/35 Nitto 555R2’s. Car timer and high precision Gtech match pretty closely recording the run. The Gtech captures 1/4 speed at the moment of crossing the 1/4 mark, always captures a hair higher mph then the cars timer which may average the last 50 ft or so simular to track timer. What this shows is the cars timer is pretty damn accurate most times. Good run for a M6 Cat on street tires no burnout.
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dumb question................still experimenting with mine (2017 HC challenger)and haven't used this feature yet you are describing.

how do you"activate" it. just get to this page and flooring it starts the timer?
Yes, it’s running in the background always, on my 16 at least.
That is some good driving and being able to feather the throttle well - awesome man!
THANKS!! Comes from LOTS of practice, lots of changes and experiments, and unfortunately as 2ndAmend points out I’m running a manual and now with a RXT1200HD McLeod clutch which inflicts even more shock loading breaking even more parts now. That 11.0 130 was on 93 pump gas, This past Sunday night I was test and tuning a E85 tune and unfortunately wiped out my 2.98 first 2.10 second 1.43 third Tranzilla trans on a 2-3 shift, BANG marbles marbles :(
A 2.66 First 1.78 second 1.30 third close ratio Tranzilla is next in line, the 2.98 version is a hair to deep on the street. The 2.66 should be ready for pick up hopefully Friday of next week, their waiting on 3rd gear clusters, pulling the broken trans now. New Tranzilla has all 9310 carbonized and ground gearing, last one lasted a bit over 2 years, it had 4340 gears in it, hopefully this one lasts much longer. New unit is rated at 1400 ft lbs of input Tq and built for use in racing Vipers, for 5k with trade in of my busted Tranzilla it better last a lifetime lol. The 2.98 version was great at the track on a taller 315/50-17 MT Street R, it propelled me to my only 9 second run ever from nailing a 1.39 60 ft front wheel raising 1.69 G launch on a race prepped super sticky track, but on the street on a 315/35-20 Nitto 555R2 it’s a bit too aggressive. My quest has been getting into the high 10’s on the street consistently, I practice often and have been sooooo close a few times now was hoping corn this week was going to do it but that’s delayed now. On Corn last November I was doing 11.2-11.3’s 138-140 street 1/4’s but it got too cold and couldn’t get a decent launch in any more. Then engine rebuild over winter and parts delays killed spring, the best air of the year. I’m hoping this 2.66, 1.78, 1.30 close ratio variant gets it done before the cold roads of old man winter shuts me down again. This is the ratio of the new trans and other parts going in that were planned to do this weekend before the trans change got added to the list.
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