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Velgen Wheels
are a low pressure cast wheels. Low pressure casting uses positive pressure to move the molten aluminum into the mold
quicker and achieve a finished product that has improved mechanical properties (more dense) over a gravity cast wheel.
Low-pressure casting has a slightly higher production cost over gravity casting.
Low pressure is the most common process approved for aluminum wheels sold to the O.E.M. market.
Low-pressure cast wheels offer a good value for the aftermarket as well. Some companies offer wheels that are produced under a higher
pressure in special casting equipment to create a wheel that is lighter and stronger than a wheel produced in low pressure.
Once again in the quest for lighter weight, there is a higher cost associated with the process.

Full wheel & tire packages available on demand utilizing
Full Touchless Mounting & Road Force balancing solutions

Ask us about our In-house ceramic Coating Treatments !

For pricing, availability and fitment please contact us below

Email: [email protected]
Direct Phone: 818-632-8943
Shop Phone: 818-408-6989


Velgen Wheels offer’s a 5 Year Manufacture Warranty & LIFE TIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY.
To any of our customer’s who have a warranty issue, please contact us direct to our warranty department to handle any warranty claims.
Velgen’s warranty is only for the original purchaser.
Please make sure all wheels are test fitted for proper fitment and brake clearance.


How to Place Your Order:

Phone Domestic: (818)408-6989

E-mail: [email protected]




All orders are shipped via UPS.

International, Hawaii and Alaska customers: Please contact us for the best quote possible.

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday: 9:00AM-6:00PM Pacific Time

Saturday: 9:00AM-3:00PM Pacific Time

Sunday: By Appointment Only


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Velgen Classic 5 are now in stock for the Mopar.

These are 5x115 bolt pattern no re-drilling have been done to these wheels,

as some other manufactures are saying that these are 5x114.3.

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What's the price for a set of VMB9 in a 20" size? Also, what is the weight in this size?
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