You can buy hundreds, if not thousands of different products to clean your Hellcat and keep it looking fresh. But that doesn't mean you're going to need all of them. Or that they'll all be good enough to use. We can help, though, with 10 car detailing hacks featuring products that make your life easier and your car shinier. Win-win, right?

1. Hair Brush

Forget the vacuum, get pet hair out with a brush.
Ok, don't forget about the vacuum completely, but your old-reliable wet-dry vac won't help if you're trying to get pet hair out of the carpet of your ride. You can buy a small powerhead that will help, but good luck getting it between your seats or anywhere else the worst hair and dirt hides.
Instead, try a cleaning brush. A round brush, attached to the end of your cordless drill will whip even the worst pet hair out of your carpeting. Hold the vacuum in your other hand to pick up the dirt and hair before it settles into the carpet again, or use a hook and loop strap to hold the nozzle directly to the drill for one-handed operation and an easier time.
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2. Waxer

You must wax on before you wax off, but that doesn't mean you need to spend hours rubbing your car by hand.

Hand polishing can be a miserable task. Unless you really enjoy taking the time to work your way around your car, bent over double, that is (hey, we understand!).
A pro-level car polisher can solve the problem for you. It can also be used to remove swirl marks and scratches from your paint. It can also be used to take your paint down to primer if you don't know what you're doing.

The alternative is the car waxer-polisher. These smaller and less powerful tools are designed to apply and remove light polishes and car wax. They're only slightly more aggressive than a hand polish and they can't "burn" your paint or damage your vehicle.
A six-inch waxer is great for the occasional weekend job, but an 8 or 10-inch model with two handles can make quick work of any vehicle.

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3. Grit Guard

When you wash your Hellcat, you're taking the dirt off of the paint. Where does the dirt go, though? It goes onto your wash mitt or sponge and then back into your wash bucket. So you can actually put even more dirt on your car with the next rub of the mitt!
Put a stop to that with a grit guard. These plastic grates drop into the bottom of your bucket and add some space between the bottom of the bucket and where the wash mitt can sit. The dirt, grit, and grime sink to the bottom and aren't picked up the next time you re-soap your sponge.
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4. Cleaning Putty

Car cleaning gels and putties are a hot car cleaning hack on apps like TikTok. Use a sticky goo that can conform to a space and you can pull all of the dirt, crumbs, and gross things we can't even recognize anymore out of hard to reach spots like your vents or cupholders.
Why don't you see pros using these? They can only be used a few times before they're garbage, and that doesn't work at a high-volume pro shop. It can work just fine for you at home, though. Unless you're cleaning your vents every few days, these putties and gels are a great way to get the tough spots.

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5. Dusting Brushes

What if you are dusting every day? Or every week?
A set of detailing brushes is the perfect solution. A good set of brushes gives you brushes soft enough for delicate materials, some that are more firm for dirtier spots, and different tips that can fit in the different corners and crevices of your car's interior. Use these with the vacuum (maybe another one of those velcro straps?) and you can get your car's interior dust-free in minutes.

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6. Ceramic Coating

Yes, you can spend thousands for a ceramic coating that will help make water bead and bug guts not stick to your paint. Or, you can spend much less on a DIY spray ceramic coating that will need to be reapplied but that you can do quickly and easily yourself.
The technology is new and advancing quickly, but it works by coating your paint with a polymer finish. Rock-hard, it doesn't let beads of water stick. It also doesn't let bugs, tar, and other road grime stick, making it easier to wash your car next time. Because the spray products can wear off, you'll need to reply two or three times a year.

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7. Wiping Windows

When it's time to clean your glass, it's easy to end up with streaks you can't seem to chase down. Our tip is to use clean microfibre cloths (no, not newspaper!). You can even get microfibre cloths on a stick, like a selfie stick to help you reach all of the glass even if you have shorter arms or mobility issues.

Wipe in one direction on the inside (say left-right). Then wipe in the other direction (up-down) on the outside of the glass. Now you can tell which side the streaks are on at a glance because they'll be going up and down or side to side.

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8. Stink Spray

Ok maybe this isn't shiny, but nothing puts a damper on the rest of your work like a noseful of musty air after you've spent all day cleaning.
It's usually caused by a buildup of condensation in the air conditioning vent, leading to mold growth. A vent and duct cleaner gets sprayed into your vents and into the cabin air intake. As you spray it, the cleaner gets rid of dust, dirt, and mold that are growing in your ventilation system.

Just a cleaner isn't enough, though. If it's bad enough for you to smell, it's also time to replace the cabin filter. While some older filters were tough to replace, most modern vehicles make it a 20-minute task. If you're doing a vent cleaning, remove and toss the old filter and reinstall the empty housing before your spray. When you're done, pop the new filter in and enjoy.
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9. Pressure Washer

Your garden hose is ok for blasting dirt and mud off of your car, but it takes time and it uses loads of water. Enter the pressure washer.
A pressure washer doesn't use more water, it accelerates the water in the hose by forcing it through smaller hoses. Electric and gas pressure washers can blast dirt and grime off of your car in less time using less water than a garden hose. They also work great for rinsing soap off after a wash.
The best part, though? With a pressure washer, you can get a foam cannon.
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10. Foam Cannon

What's a foam cannon? If you've ever used a touchless drive-through carwash, you've noticed that they will spray on a layer of suds and let that sit for a few moments. The foam helps break down dirt and grime, removing it from your paint. Letting it sit helps the foam soap do its job without rubbing dirt around on your paint.
So once you've used the foam cannon and let it sit for a few minutes, most of the dirt will rinse right off. The rest will still have to be hand-washed, but the process removes the worst grime with less paint impact. Plus the foam looks super cool.

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So there you have it, everything you need to keep your Hellcat looking fresh, shiny, and new. Now get out there and get it dirty again.

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