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15.7" Front Brake Pkg = BR#?

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The BR4 brake package is the SRT Brembos with 14.2" front & 13.8" rear 1-piece vented rotors.

The BR7 brake package is the Hellcat Brembos with 15.4" 2-piece front & same 13.8" 1-piece rear vented rotors.

So what BR_#_ brake package is the 2021 Redeye (Jeep Trackhawk) Brembos with 15.7" 2-piece front & same 13.8" 1-piece rear vented rotors?

BR3 is for V6s, BR5 is for 5.7s, BR6 was for 5.7s with thicker pads, BR8 is for pre-'14 Pursuits, and BR9 is for post-'14 Pursuits.

I tried searching for build sheets with the codes for all the options and packages but couldn't find any. Anyone with the 15.7 inchers have their build sheet or know where one has been shared?
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Build sheet online doesn't have the codes, dealer parts or service guy can print out the starparts report on your vehicle and it will have them.

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