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18 inch demon wheels on a 19 wide body redeye

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hello everyone. Im sure there were many conversations about going from the 20 inch stock redeye wheels to the 18 inch demon wheels. I have seen different responses about just what is needed. Some say just the front calipers and rotors and others say the knuckle and spindle. Well I have the wheels... have the calipers and the rotors.... decided to try the swap and found the calipers fit the knuckle without the 14 inch rotor but wont fit with the rotor on. This leads me to believe the knuckle needs to be changed as well. Did anyone else have this problem? is the part number for the knuckle on the demon/scat pack 4 piston brembo set up different from the 19 wide body redeye front spindle and brake set up? I put back the 6 piston to get the car on the ground again but still want to finish this conversion. Any helpful input would be appreciated.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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