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1st Pass at the drag strip!

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Last night went to test and tune at Indianapolis Raceway Park. I ran 10.88 @ 126mph.
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Nice, what car?
2015 Hellcat Challenger.
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50° and low humidity will do that

We always had good luck at that place. Love Indy

You gonna race summit series?
I normally bracket race my 68 dodge dart there!
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That's Nice ET

What do you have for Mods?

Linda :)
Thank you! I have an aluminum driveshaft and diff brace, rear lock out kit, and legamker CAI. Mickey slicks!
Yep, great ET, I would love to see the slip or know the 60' time.
What tires?
The 60 was 1.623. The tires are Mickey Thompson Street R radials. I ran 18 lbs of tire pressure. Foot brake not the launch deal. I left at 2000 rpm.
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They don’t make the R in a 20

He has a 17 or 18 most likely
I have 17x10 welds on rear and 18x5 up front.
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