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Hey everybody, my names Kyle and I have a 2018 Challenger Hellcat Widebody, it is a 1XXX build built by DBR High Performance in Springhill Tennessee. She sits on custom made Forgiatos and Weld/Forgestar Beads depending on if I want to run 17s or 18s that day. (Hoosier 18” set up Mickey 17” set up) she is an E85 car but has Ignite E90 far more than she has ever had pump E. Let me know what y’all think!

P.S. Everything is always for sale for the right price… 😏😏😏
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To each his own but I'll get rid of the stickers. It just screams look at me. I'm more into the adult clean look. And if you're trying to sell it trust me it'll sell faster without all that noise.Other than that very nice car. Same goes with the purple one. Not a fan of the red at all. Just tacky.

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Are you running weld wheels on it?
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