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marino Chrysler jeep dodge in Chicago IL, has a black /black auto hellcat MSRP around 64k on sale for 80,000 when I asked about it last week. This week I saw on their website they have a sublime auto "in transit" it has a 64 sticker as well so I called back this week for it, they quoted 85k for it. When I asked again about the black 1 they are now quoting me 100,000$ !!!!!

Does anyone know of any bigger douche baggery then this??

Last week when I was asking about the black car they said "oh it's the owners car but only has 16 miles on it,it's ok sale for 80k" now this week owners car is 100k.

Owner of dealership is trying to "flip" a car he inventoried . How ******* pathetic.
That is just pathetic.

It would be some cool if FCA somehow could reposes all the cars that dealers pulling this crap and give them to poor guys who are waiting on there car to built
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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