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First, I plan on getting a cool air intake but I live in TX where it is currently 106 degrees. There isn't any cool air to intake. Obviously I want it for more forced induction but even more so for the extra whine. Would I benefit at all by getting it anyway, regardless of high summer heat? Clearly the whine will enhance tremendously but will I benefit at all with performance?

Second. I am also going to get a solid exhaust system. Just not immediately. I promised the ol' lady I would hold off since she is pregnant and the big boy TH comes with big boy spending. I have Borla ATAK on my SRT Jeep currently and plan on returning when the time is right but... for the time being, I have seen a lot of videos of guys doing mid muffler deletes. Sounds better than stock for sure but not as good as a solid exhaust system. My question is, what about the necessary back pressure from that muffler? Does deleting that not affect performance at all? I appreciate any shared information and/or replies.
1. Not a fan of muffler deletes. I personally don't like ratty dump truck noise coming from my $100k car.
2. Your back pressure on the exhaust comes primarily from your cats. The mufflers are very high flow units (and there's a few pro race cars running 8s on the full stock exhaust kit). So, cutting the muffler won't hurt the car's performance, but it won't help much either.
3. Every vehicle with a Hellcat motor comes with a factory cold air intake system. Upgrading to an aftermarket version may gain some blower noise, but you'll net little if any functional horsepower.
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