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Bone stock '18 Trackhawk.
First, I plan on getting a cool air intake but I live in TX where it is currently 106 degrees. There isn't any cool air to intake. Obviously I want it for more forced induction but even more so for the extra whine. Would I benefit at all by getting it anyway, regardless of high summer heat? Clearly the whine will enhance tremendously but will I benefit at all with performance?

Second. I am also going to get a solid exhaust system. Just not immediately. I promised the ol' lady I would hold off since she is pregnant and the big boy TH comes with big boy spending. I have Borla ATAK on my SRT Jeep currently and plan on returning when the time is right but... for the time being, I have seen a lot of videos of guys doing mid muffler deletes. Sounds better than stock for sure but not as good as a solid exhaust system. My question is, what about the necessary back pressure from that muffler? Does deleting that not affect performance at all? I appreciate any shared information and/or replies.
Where in Texas are you? I have the Borla S type and I might be willing to swap it for a stock cat back plus some cash. It’s just too loud since I put in the 426.
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