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2015 Challenger Hellcat Front Bumper Parts Question

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Ok, so I'm an idiot and pulled my Hellcat into a parking space and hit the front air dam (I've also heard it called spoiler, splitter, diverter) on the concrete stop and did some damage.

I've taken it apart and know what parts I need to replace. But, online its confusing. Lots of blurry pencil type sketches with vague descriptions out there. What's a good place to determine exactly what part numbers I need and a good place to order them? Manual recomendations (although I'd like to get the parts asap)?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Here's what I need.
Air dam support (the dam itself didn't suffer any damage). This is the inner piece, not the dam itself. I think its Mopar part number 68260156AC
Lower grill. Not sure what to call this and I can't find it anywhere. Its the black grid in the very bottom center.
Skid plate? Again, not sure what to call this. There are two plastic pieces underneath the engine. I need just the front one.
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Those are basically dealerships selling online. I'd go to your local dealer if you aren't comfortable with the site I linked.
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