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2015 hellcat charger
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So I bought the light up srt horn cover from eBay about a month ago with the harness for it .....

Not knowing I was gonna need parts off my old airbag I sold it immediately to a skat pack owner

Now I’m stuck I neeeded this part off the old bag to connect wit the new bag and harness for it to b able to light up I now obviously don’t have that airbag or part so basically I just wasted my money and air bag doesn’t light up like I thought it would does any body have any tips or tricks to bypass needing this connector or can somebody point me in direction where I can just buy this piece with out having to buy the whole airbag again dodge dealer said das the only way to get that part they don’t sell it individually but I’m sure you tech savvy guys got a few tricks up your sleeve I’m all ears

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