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2016 Challenger Hellcat not responding to tune revisions

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I just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on the issue I am having. My tuner has sent me 3 different tune revisions and my car is still running very lean at WOT (12.4-13.6 on the dash gauge). On 3 different occasions he had me record (on my phone) the AFR on the cluster at WOT. He can’t seem to richen up the air/fuel mixture. Here is the list of mods I have on the car. I’m hoping someone can share some insight. Could it be the wideband sensors malfunctioning or something else? No CEL or fault codes. Thank you in advance.

-JLT intake
-JLT driver & passenger side catch cans
-Diablosport unlocked PCM & Tuner
-PCM & TCM tune
-Stainless Works car delete (with O2 simulators)
-Khaos active exhaust delete
-Mid muffler delete
-Steve White dual fuel pump
-Dusterhoff 2.72 upper pulley
-Ripatuned Incognito lower pulley
-DSS driveshaft
-3.09 LSD
-Brisk Hemi Race Spark Plugs (ER14YS)
-100 octane
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Who's the tuner?
Maybe due to the fake O2 sensors?
No, it's not that, the O2 simulators are for the rear O2s which don't affect any tuning. They exist only to ensure the cats are working properly for emissions.
Sean from Hemifever. He has been patient and a great source of info throughout this process. Per his request, on Monday, I will be getting on the dyno and will record the AFR using their wideband. I’m hoping that I can get the right info to get the tune fixed.

You may consider HHP or Barth Tuning. Both are top tuners that use Diablo.
My backup plan, if this doesn’t work out, is to convert over to HPTUNERS. There is at least 1 tuner local to me that prefers to use them.
If you go with HP Tuners, I strongly recommend Curt Dusterhoff.
Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind.
Curt tuned my Hellcat, made 892whp. Never had any issues.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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