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2016 Charger Hellcat Electrical Problem Dealer Could Not Fix be

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My HC has 23K miles on it and has an extended warranty. In late September I had a few random no start problems but no CEL. I explained the issue to the local dealer and they would not touch the car without a CEL. Was in Myrtle Beach October 8-23 on golf trip and it would not start. Went and bought a code reader at AZ and found I had the dreaded U0100 code. I disconnected/reconnected the battery and fumbled with the code reader and was able to get it started. Took it to a MB dealer to clear codes so I could get home to MD. Got home and got a CEL and a security system failure red light. Took it to the local dealer 11/6 and they replaced the ECM and security module per Dodge guidance. No joy! They sent the results to Dodge and as of yesterday there was no resolution. So I evaluated the symptoms: no start until I acknowledged the U0100 code, no remote start, took 4 to 5 starter button hits to get it (maybe) to start, would run for about 5 seconds and cut off, if I got it started and it continued to run, I could drive it but I could not shut it off. So yesterday I checked the engine compartment fuse/relay box diagram. Thinking about the symptoms, I swapped the starter and ignition relays with two other relays. Problem solved. Started right up with no CEL or security system failure lite. Remote start worked fine. So I swapped them back and got CEL, no start or remote start. So I did an autopsy on the two bad relays and found the contacts were pitted preventing full contact. So I took the two disassembled relays to the local dealer today and told them I fixed it and you owe me for two relays. You should have seen the look on the service guy and his boss faces. I told him to keep the two relays and use as a training aide for the techs. The morale of my story is if you have an electrical issue or the dreaded U0100 code, find out if there is a relay in the affected circuit. If it is, swap with another relay and that will probably cure your problem. So today I replaced all of the 30/40 amp relays with aftermarket relays and not Dodge relays. Also in the trunk power panel there is a grey 70 amp relay that powers the ECM. Suggest you consider replacing that one also if you are experiencing electrical problems. Remember, my HC only has 23k miles on it. Hope this helps others.

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Pretty cool! Nice job.
Good job. Hope I don’t need this info but you never know. Who is the local dealer?
Nice fix! That dealership should hire
Great job! I had a very similar problem with my 2016. My fix was a LOT more expensive :ROFLMAO:
Wow. Relays are far more cost effective than a trip to Ma Barker Mopar's boys.

I bet there would be a profit in putting together a bag of aftermarket relays for the Hellcat and selling them.
Great job! Am I the only one who checked his fuses/relays after reading this? Maybe we need to put some dielectric grease on the contacts.

How do the contacts on the fuse box look? Are they corroded also? Maybe they owe you a new fuse box as well.
Nice write up and great problem solving skills!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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