I have decided to test the waters with my pride and joy. I am in no rush to sell and if it does not sell, I have no issue with it.

I am taking a new position at work that is going to put an end to my fun on the street with this setup.

If you have any questions, please PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]

Every detail of this vehicle is listed below.

  • New rear shocks (factory)
  • Demon Performance front rotors installed at 24500 miles.
  • Demon Performance rear rotors installed at 29000 miles.
  • E85 only at 9200 miles
  • Diff fluid changed at 21,000 miles (Amsoil 90w-120 with slip lock) 3.09 installed
  • 2/2020 new BBP (376ci. Manley Rods, Diamond Pistons, ARP hardware) shortblock with diamond pistons and Manley rods at 21,000 miles. MMX HC1 cam. Amsoil 10w-40 and white SRT filter always.
  • Brand new 8HP90 with Demon converter installed 9/2020 at 21,000 miles.

  • 2016 (May 2016 build) purchased private sale on 2/17/17. 1900 miles. Delivery 3/9/17.
  • B5 Blue
  • Red belts
  • Harmon Kardon
  • Weld 17x10 315/50/17 ET Streets for racing. (Powdered satin black)
  • Weld front runners 18x5 with MT sportsmans. (Powdered satin black)

  • All Led interior
  • 2017+ RED SRT Airbag
  • 2018 DEMON u-connect with 2017 + media hub for carplay and android auto (delaminating in top left corner)
  • 15% Tint on side 5% rear, 80% front windshield
  • 2018 red dash plaque
  • Color matched coolant tanks
  • Billet Technology black underhood bling (coolant caps, coolant covers)
  • BLASTLED Red hellcat head door projectors front and rear.
  • Embroidered hellcat headrests

  • 2019 front grille pieces with new black badge.
  • American Bros color matched trunk hellcat badge.
  • Redeye hood covered in carbon fiber wrap (not the best wrap compared to my last hood)
  • Ceramic Coat (6 years old now), CQuartz where stripes were removed.
  • Carbon fiber wrap on splitter, hood, spoiler (chip on splitter wrap). Front splitter could use a re-wrap.
  • LED side marker
  • IKON rear diffuser
  • Porsche Saffron Yellow Metallic Calipers

  • Hellion Twin Turbo kit
  • Precision 6466 Turbos
  • E2 boost controller
  • Goertz intake powder coated satin black (intercooler inside)
  • FI Interchiller Stage 2 (Australian kit)
  • AWE 3” Touring resonated catback system with 4.5” Black Diamond Tips (have non resonated pipes as well)
  • Demon Performance front & rear rotors
  • 180 t-stat (replaced at 19,000). Permatex liquid gasket on housing to prevent weeping.
  • Block heater
  • Forced Inductions Interchiller Stage 2
  • Cox 10lb Lithium battery
  • Tazer, double bypass, aux steering wheel buttons.
  • OEM Demon Springs
  • OEM Demon Axles
  • BMR Cradle lockout
  • Performance Development DIRS differential brace.
  • Spohn Red rear trailing arms.
  • Spohn Red Adjustable rear control arms for adjusting camber in the rear. Camber in rear set to -0.1
  • Custom adjustable solid toe arms.
  • Spohn end links
  • Z26 brake pads all around.
  • Livernois Driveshaft
  • 2017 dipstick (7.5qts w/full white SRT filter)
  • Magnetic oil drain plugs pan and cooler
  • MM race catch can system vented to front driver side bumper
  • FORE Triple Pump (274) LC4 full return system
  • Injector Dynamics 1700
  • NGK 2309
  • Satera Tuning- Flex fuel tune
  • 93 on boost setting 1
  • E70/85 on boost setting 2 & 3.
  • [email protected] with a 1.33 60' boost only with 2650 and old TB crapping out at the 1000’ mark (old setup)
  • Nitrous Outlet kit
  • NOS mini progressive controller.
  • Nitrous Outlet center console buttons for arm, purge, and heat.
  • Nitrous not currently setup for use.

Custom setup when activated on the steering wheel:
Trans: Sport (TCM tune race mode)
Traction: SPORT
Suspension: Street

I'm asking $77,000
KBB trade on the car in stock form is $56,000
The car has 31,000 miles and will continue to go up a bit as I drive it. It averages about 5000 miles a year.