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2016 Hellcat Original Mopar Battery

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Good afternoon everyone here! I'm from Brazil!

I just bought a 2016 Challenger Hellcat A8 Black with 3.60 miles on it...

It still has the Battery that I believe to be original that I attached a photo here... Could someone tell me if it would be AGM or can I use my normal battery charger?

Dodge never sold this new car here in Brazil the few less than 50 Hellcat units from 2015-2022 are from independent importers... Where the car comes only 0 km (Brazil rules) or over 30 years old and is sold without warranties ...

The car is 100% original I have already seen that I can add the 7 quarts of oil and update the dipstick in the oil change which I will soon do too!
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Standard flooded lead acid battery with vent tube.
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