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2016 performance pages without uconnect subscription

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I am sick and tired of the buggy and useless uconnect subscription. I dont use the nav and the only feature i use it for is the performance pages. Not to mention that they put me in a monthly payment plan since the original 5 year subscription expired and the damn thing never works- always complains that uconnect plan expired, even though I am getting health alerts. Very buggy overall and I dont want to keep paying for it.

How can I get the performance pages without a uconnect subscription? I dont care losing my historic performance metrics- I just like using the gauges for monitoring when driving. I did follow some of the guides I found in other threads, but none of them worked.

Any advice appreciated; this is a for a 2016 challenger.

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In my 2015, I never accepted the trial subscription to Uconnect and my performance pages worked from day 1 and were still functioning properly when I sold it earlier this year.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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