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2016 performance pages without uconnect subscription

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I am sick and tired of the buggy and useless uconnect subscription. I dont use the nav and the only feature i use it for is the performance pages. Not to mention that they put me in a monthly payment plan since the original 5 year subscription expired and the damn thing never works- always complains that uconnect plan expired, even though I am getting health alerts. Very buggy overall and I dont want to keep paying for it.

How can I get the performance pages without a uconnect subscription? I dont care losing my historic performance metrics- I just like using the gauges for monitoring when driving. I did follow some of the guides I found in other threads, but none of them worked.

Any advice appreciated; this is a for a 2016 challenger.

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Im 2016 as well, same issue, I need to do/try this as every startup i want to go to the gauges pages and if I try to soon get hammered by the expired Uconnect sign on screen, wanted to punch the dash out just last night over that lol. I’ve got to try above links to past posts, THANKS Guys!!
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