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The radiator support has been replaced, for those of you keyboard warriors who don't know what that means, just move along and do your trolling somewhere else. It's black now, and quite obviously should be body colour. For that to have been replaced means that there was extensive damage. Period. As well; the front facia no longer fits, panel gaps from fender to door do not fit, etc. The bumpers for the hood are still in the console. Even the grille emblem is missing. If you think that's ok, buy this car, it's a deal at twice the price.
Those who will troll, will troll. If you have any questions, don't believe what I write, let me know, instead of out-of-hand deleting the post.

The salesman at Capital Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Sunny Gill (780-435-4711 ext 1060) a very nice guy who really did want to answer everything for me, told me March 5th, 2021 and I quote that "the car has had no accidents". When confronted by the obvious evidence, and I asked directly if the car had ANY accident damage, he again said that he thought that the car had no accidents, but also said he'd have the bodyshop manager look at the car and call me back. He did so and then stated that "yes, it looks like there was some damage to the front end" and went on to say that the dealer must have taken the car in trade with that damage unbeknownst to them and that there was no way to know what had happened and how much damage there had been. Not my first lap, this doesn't sound like any dealer I've ever worked for or bought from. They pick every nit, and any obvious damage like this car has would have either killed that trade-in deal or they would have blown this out at an auction rather than face critical eyes of enthusiast buyers.

When I asked him why the carfax was run 6 months ago and the car is only now being offered for sale he had no answer to that one, but he was nice enough to run the carfax again, and provided it to me, again nothing against the salesman, he did all he was asked. The odometer reading did not match the first report and actually showed more kms in October 2020 at 15,002 than the supposed-fresh pictures which show 14,833. They've since updated the kms on the listing, but the old carfax is the one that's still linked on Autotrader. Nothing seems to add up, even for a dealer ad!

I have been in touch with AMVIC, the governing body for dealers in AB, but they are notorious for protecting the seller, not the buyer.

I post this here in effort to save someone from making an expensive mistake, not out of malice as was suggested by GreenMachine15. If you are in doubt of the veracity of what's stated here, call the dealer and talk to the salesman, instead of making grade school-level comments about my motivations.

I really wanted this car to be great, and am disappointed as it did check nearly every box for me.

Rad support: Self explanatory, should be body colour. Good thing this car wasn't black as it may have gone unnoticed to some.
Note hood-bumper hole in pic lower right, the bumpers are still in the console where the bodyshop left them.
Facia fit above left headlamp in second pic and facia to fender in third pic. Does this look right to you?

Below the pics are the two carfax reports, a link to the ad, and the VIN for posterity.

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Automotive parking light Vehicle Hood Light Car

Original carfax from Sept.15, 2020:

Updated carfax from Mar.5, 2021:

VIN: 2C3CDZC92HH540476

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