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Hello everyone,

I wanted to get some more information on QTP exhaust cutouts. Having the option to open up the the exhaust and get loud and then go back to stock sound is ideal. I daily drive my Jeep SRT around 400 miles a week and get snow during the winter. I didn’t know if anyone has had a bad experience with QTP cutouts rather with maintenance, exhaust leaks, weather conditions, etc. I know a full out exhaust would be too much noise for me daily driving, but I would still like to get rowdy when I like. All comments are appreciated.

Also, for the people who have QTP exhaust cutouts, 1. How much louder is the Jeep with exhaust open? 2. Does the car sound go fully back to stock when the flaps are closed? 3. I would mostly be riding with the exhaust closed, will this have any negative affects?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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