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2019 Dodge Challenger Widebody Hellcat Manual Black Red trim history

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Hi all, I recently purchased a black, red trim, widebody 2019 Challenger Hellcat from Toy Barn in Ohio. The car came with all books and original window sticker, even plastic on the carpet. But nothing was stamped re original owner. I've had the vin decoded and it's a 1 of 1 combo.

Given it was built in late 2018, would it be possible to be a promotional car or dodge exec vehicle, would love any assistance with the background.

Maybe the owner is on the site???

Thanks for all the help.

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One of one doesnt mean that much these days tbh. Things have changed since back in the day for sure. There are plenty out there and a late build wouldn't point to an executive car car or anything. Lots of people here have ordered late in the season. Would be interesting if the prior owner was here for sure though.
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