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2019 Redeye plus PCM and misc Parts PRICE DROP!!

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Just finished my E85 build and after my first test run and going home to clean myself I will never go back to stock or race gas.
Now that I’m sure of my direction I’m going to clean off some of the shelves.
For Sale Stock pcm still locked 5k miles I think when I pulled it out. $350.00 plus shipping

Stock Redeye injectors 300.00 plus shipping Sold

stock factory pulley with belt for Redeye. 100.00 plus shipping I will post pic of it if someone’s interEstes. It has the same 5 k miles on it. Perfect shape.

I have a 1 mo. old set of Michelin Pilot Sport RS 345/30/ZR20 that cost 1200.00 new for the pair (Corvette guys should love these ) and a special order Weld Racing 20/12 wheels that are a perfect fit for the wide body if you want the old school look. They were great street tires when I was on gas but now they just can’t hang.
The wheels sell for over a grand each. I will separate them it they will not be available until my Mickey Thompson and wheels show up. Drag Racing Wheels said could be up to two weeks before the tires get here.
Tires 650.00 for the pair firm plus shipping
Wheels 700.00 for the pair. Plus shipping

Stuff needs a new home. I just don’t have room for it.

Have a great day
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