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2019 Take Off Stock and Performance Parts Price drop

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parts now available

Litens 285 upper with belt. SOLD
Redeye Stock DriveShaft 450.00 plus shipping
Rear seats Laguna Leather400.00 plus shipping
Stock Redeye Pulley and Belt Available Now 100.00 plus shipping
Stock 2019 Redeye PCM Available now 350.00 shipped
2 18x5 RaceStar Wheels (No TPMs) for Skinny’s available now. Matte Black 100.00 ea Plus shipping
Factory lower damper . 100.00 plus shipping
Shipping will be from Las Vegas


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450.00 shipped
the rest of the parts will be available this week
pcm 400 shipped
Player on the litens lmk $$
400 shipped to us address
PCM 400 shipped to us address
No problem brother
the dodge tune is a 10 hp upgrade to put the ss up with the Demon. They won’t ever allow the 100 plus horse upgrades. To much stress on the rods and pistons which is the weak poi of the gen 3 motor.
have a good one
The 2022 Dodge Challenger and Charter SRT Hellcat Widebody can be ordered with a Jailbreak package that allows buyers to mix and match paint and appearance options beyond the limited selections available on other models. It also increases the horsepower of the Hellcat V8 from 797 hp to 807 hp.

Dodge Challenger and Charger muscle cars make a 'Jailbreak'
I don’t think it’s in the article I sent you.jus can’t see them destroy the demon mystique.
my Redeye does a massive amount of power on E85. Hmmmm….
not sure about that teaser
yes sir. I’m boxing it up today.
Moderato please kill this thread so I can star over.
thank you
1 - 10 of 17 Posts