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2020 Daytona Exhaust

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Does anyone has idea what exhaust is these on the pictures? I just got this 2020 Hellcat WB Daytona, and it came with this exhaust, which sound nice and loud. Too loud for me. So I will post in some market (Facebook, eBay), trying to find somebody to trade with the original one, but I have no idea the brand, model, etc to put on the list.
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It's kind of hard to tell but it appears to be a factory exhaust with modifications. The previous owner may have removed the mid mufflers and replaced them with Race bullets of some kind. Also they have removed the rear muffler which I could imagine is pretty load and a drone on the highway speeds. If you want to make it quieter, I would suggest re-installing some factory rear mufflers.

Factory should look something like this:
Bicycle part Nickel Auto part Composite material Gas
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