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2020 Hellcat Intake Mod

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Ive owned my hellcat for 3 months and my odometer is just under 500 miles. Ive been watching my IAT gauge and its insane to me how hot it gets and quick it rises. Ive seen up to 50 degrees above ambient temp. One thing ive noticed is the intake gets extremely hot on the coolant resevoir side. I like the "OEM" look of the car and wanted to keep this as incognito as possible. Once assembled this can not be seen unless you know its there and you look for it.

This piece of the air box faces the valve cover area

This is the under hood piece might not do a whole lot but anything helps. Hopefully keeps the radiant heat from the hood out of the intake area.

This was a very cheap mod 25 dollars DEI thermal shield from Autozone. I just finished this tonight and have not had a chance to drive. I will post results as soon as I get to test drive.
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The primary reason for the high intake air temperature is the heating of the air from the supercharger.

Under the best of conditions I observed this to be in the 30F range above ambient. The inter cooler coolant temperature was 10F above ambient so there is not much to be gained there.

The liquid cooled charge cooler is not very effective at lowering the intake air temperature but it is better than nothing and good enough.

Adding any insulation just means it will take longer for any heat soak to dissipate as there is more material to hold heat.
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