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2020 Hellcat Right Rear Suspension Sqeak (Please help!)

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Ok so I have seen a thread or two on this, but I am not sure anyone had a definitive answer. I like a few others have a 2020 Hellcat with 1500 miles on it, and it developed an annoying creeking/sqeak sound out the right rear. No Worse over bumps, just a constant consistent sound. Quite obvious as you just drive at 20 mph in a neighborhood, you just hear that right rear creeking and sqeaking at a constant rate. I can make the sound pushing down on the right rear of the car as well.

Took it into the dealership and of course they had the "foreman" look at it and its normal "suspension settling". There is no way this is normal. If this is normal I will have to sell it which is the last thing I want to do. I already had the bushings lubed, Now what? I literally cant put up with this sound. I guess try a different dealership? The one I went to wouldn't give me a time of day, and that was after waiting for 3 weeks to get the appointment, plus 2 days to get to it.

As I learned years back with my SRT10 Truck, there is no such thing as an "SRT" mechanic and its the same guy who services the minivan working on your hellcat. And this is was my fear going back into a dodge, but here I am again.

Sorry for being emotional, I just love this car and this sounds is unbearable for the price we pay for these cars. I have a very loud AFE exhaust too, and even that wont cover up this sound!

Any help or guidance is sincerely appreciated.
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What a coincidence. I have a 2020 with 12000 miles on it, and dropped it off at the dealership a few days ago for a potential intercooler leak. I also was experiencing The Identical squeak you spoke of. They said it was the rear shocks and they are replacing both of them under warranty.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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