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2021 Charger 392 oil leak??? 14,000 miles

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hello I was hoping to get some advice to what could be the source of this oil leak (slow consistent drip) that I noticed the other day. I’ve seen multiple people online say that the some Mopar filters tend to leak.

All the dealerships in my town are giving me a estimated 3-5 day diagnostic period which I can’t be without a car that long due to work.
So I scheduled an oil change for tomorrow with SRT Penzoil and a new Mopar filter hoping that will solve the problem if it is indeed the oil filter.

What do you guy think? Sorry wish I had better pictures
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I’d suggest wiping everything down as clean as possible (ideally just before the oil change), and check it again after some miles are on to see if you can better identify where it’s coming from.

With any luck it will be from the filter area, and the oil change will have dealt with it, but if not, at least you’ll have a better idea of the source.
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