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So I just finished doing the TCE 15” conversion on my car after a huge ordeal with the Carlyle kit.. and now we’ve hit one more snag. The end links look like they’re not short enough to allow the 15” wheels (Weld 15x11.33 with 6.5” backspace/+22 offset, which I’ve been assured by weld are the correct fitment for my car) to clear the sway bar if the suspension has an asymmetrical load (like cutting across my driveway at an angle to avoid scraping).

Links are maxed out as short as possible (about 7 and 3/8” from center to center) and it’s still not enough?? Any other Charger redeyes running a link that works? I’m considering just having a buddy modify my stock links down to about 6.75” from center to center to get the clearance I need.. maybe some suspension gurus can chime in and let me know if that’s going to be too much tension on the sway bar? I do drive it on the street but this car is going to live half its life at the drag strip so not a lot of lateral movement.
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