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A family member of mine won a contest at a mall; she has the option to pick a 95K MSRP SRT Durango Superstock or a 95K MSRP SRT Challenger Superstock. She wants to know which one to pick so she can sell for the most money possible; since she’s using that money for herself and parents. She has to choose one by the first of next month. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there saying that Challenger isn’t a good investment but there’s also info out there that SRT builds will be discontinued soon and so will the Durango line in 2024; that respectively would increase the demands for both cars I’ve mentioned would it not? Car resale sites are also a bit suspect since everyone quotes differently; that’s besides the fact we see equal amounts of both cars but with older models and different builds available online.

I’m terribly sorry if this sounds very noobish of us but can someone give their two cents as which one she should pick so she can resell it for the most money? We aren’t car enthusiasts by any means.
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