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I have a 2021 Challenger Scat Pack Widebody and I am considering a 2023 Hellcat Widebody. I race both the Pro and Sportsman Bracket classes in the Eighth mile until the ET Finals where we run the 1/4 in Sportsman and the 1/8th in Pro. My car currently runs around 7.85 to 7.90 in the heat with a full tank of 93 octane. I am limited to 7.50 and 12.00. I am running 305x20 Drag radials and still doing some spinning in Track mode probably due to driver error. I have been running in Sport mode to get the above times. Do you think that the Challenger Hellcat widebody with the 305/20 Drag radials will get me close to the 7.50's? I am guesstimating that my car will do 12.20's or slightly better in the quarter now. I am not worried about the Quarter mile times as much since it's only a once a year thing.
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