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2022 Challenger wheel well

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Hey guys,
I picked up my Redeye on the 12th and as soon as I got her home I got cracking on making her mine. I did most of the regular stuff: cf intake tube, UPR can & breather, sills, tazer, tinted led sidemarkers, intake sock, neutral pull cover, took the bananas off, etc. Then a few days ago I had my 20x11s from the Hellcat put on. Drove her around for a bit and all was right again. A buddy came over to look at her and I took him for a ride and the tires were scraping on the wheel wells. Especially the driver side. There was NEVER any rubbing on my 2017 Hellcat. Does anybody know if the shape of the wheel well liners changed or maybe what could be the cause for this issue? Thanks in advance my knowledgeable friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and short food comas. Cheers.
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They distort. Do you have a heat gun?

And did you create a back up file before writing to the bcm?
Dang. I just used scissors and trimmed them back. I've not even heard of the need to do that.
No one hears of the need to create a back up file when they buy or install their tazer

For some reason it’s not in the instructions
Yeah, I haven't heard about that. The Redeye has pretty much all the goodies, I installed it partially just for the nostalgia. What would it overwrite that would cause an issue?
Your not tuned but the other issue is a that a tuned TCM (trans) needs to have a consistent rollout value in the BCM
In the 2017 keeping the memory seats was nice for my back. Is there anything immediately that I need to be concerned with?
Naw. Back up file is like insurance. Unfortunately it’s a one time offer. You could try to return it all to stock and make one now but not sure how you would know that it’s really the same as oem was. Did you already change tire diameter?
I was going to, but I'm pretty sure my 315/35r20s are the same height and diameter as the stock 275 jaunts.
Dude return the tazer you have a red eye literally no reason for it.
I bought it in 2017 for the memory seats. I had back surgery and getting in and out was a pain. I had it listed for sale for a while but took it down. Here in about 2 weeks I'll be able to do a few experiments and find out if I need to keep it to clear CELs.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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