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2022 Hellcat recall//FCA US LLC

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Looking at all the CARFAX for 2022 hellcat in the data. however all of them have "Recall #Z68 2022 LA LD LX TPMS SENSOR"
Question for the 22 hellcat owners. is this info accurate?

  • Manufacturer Safety recall issued
    • NHTSA #22V-504
    • Recall #Z68 2022 LA LD LX TPMS SENSOR
    • Status: Remedy not yet available
  • Click here for a copy of the owner letter for this Recall or call 1- 800-853-1403 if you have any questions or need additional information on this recall.
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I also received this. Is this something that we absolutely have to get done?
for someone is just the TPMS SENSOR and they can replace it (out of pocket)... For others Its all about regulations and history of their vehicle.
either way that info will be on their CARFAX report (07/21/2022)
Do recalls expire? If not, just ignore it until there is a problem.
From my knowledge, the recalls don’t expire, unless you get the issue fixed via the dealership. But I will agree with you on “to ignore it until you run into a problem “
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Anyone else get the Z83 recall?
I received a letter but spent over $180 to correct the issue via the local tire shop, here is the funny part. I tried to recoup my expenses via Chrysler. This is what they said LOL

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I just attempted to submit the reimbursement online but the website doesn't work. Once you spend all that time adding attachements and explaining in 225 spaces or less, the damn submit button doesn't do anything. So I called the number on the recall notice and spoke with someone. He sent me an email to initiate the reimbursement process and I uploaded the same stuff that I tried to upload on the website. He did say I may have to bring the car to a dealership to have the car scanned to prove it was done in the recall system. Otherwise it may continue to read as unresolved.
That makes sense, the dealer has to remove the flag from the recall system.
I got my tpms recall already taken care of…. but I was asking about the z83 recall which I found out is the performance features booklet/Manual. I received it in the mail! the 22s didn’t come with them or they came with the prior model year manual
I don’t think I will get the z83 because my car came with booklet/Manual.
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