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2022 Hellcat recall//FCA US LLC

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Looking at all the CARFAX for 2022 hellcat in the data. however all of them have "Recall #Z68 2022 LA LD LX TPMS SENSOR"
Question for the 22 hellcat owners. is this info accurate?

  • Manufacturer Safety recall issued
    • NHTSA #22V-504
    • Recall #Z68 2022 LA LD LX TPMS SENSOR
    • Status: Remedy not yet available
  • Click here for a copy of the owner letter for this Recall or call 1- 800-853-1403 if you have any questions or need additional information on this recall.
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Have the same recall letter, not going to do it.

The smartest thing to do is NOTHING and wait until your TPMS sensors fail (why replace them now when the battery is still working?). Then bring just the wheels to the dealer and have them change the sensors. Say you get a year or 2 of use with the "bad" batteries you're still ahead of the game, it's like pocketing a free TPMS battery change if you wait.

That's what I'm doing.
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I had 2 at one point, gave one away...............
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