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2022 Loring Land Speed Trials - Complete!

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I hate long posts, often they are tedious and boring, so I’ll be making lots of small posts in this thread to try to make it more enjoyable and entertaining! :)
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I was about to ask for an update! Glad you had some safe speedy fun. That’s still a hell of a top speed. Hopefully I’ll find mine next year :)

How is the drive to Loring, by the way? Anything to see or do on the way?
Wow! That looks crazy. What happened with the fire?
How many runs did you get in?
I did 3 Wed and 3 Thurs. I could have done more but I didn't see any point in doing a run unless there was a chance for the new run to be better than the previous. When conditions deteriorated I just headed back to the hotel for beer and food!
Good hotels and food nearby? We'll have to coordinate next July.

I'm looking forward to next year! I'd probably just keep doing runs lol, that opportunity is hard to pass up.
Hopefully great air next year. My Redeye is coming!
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1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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