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2022 Loring Land Speed Trials - Complete!

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I hate long posts, often they are tedious and boring, so I’ll be making lots of small posts in this thread to try to make it more enjoyable and entertaining! :)
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I was thinking of you with envy over the weekend. Just got to Atlanta this afternoon after 2 days of driving from NH.
Is that the mileage on your current Hellcat?
Ah. Got it. Thought you were driving your Redeye as much as I’m driving mine. You’re not 😂😂. I’m within a hu miles of 13K on mine as of today🙄
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Glad it went well for you. Hope to try that out sometime. 👍
At the rate you drive, you should have ordered 2!
Already thinking of looking into another. Might have to give Craig a call about getting on the 2023 list. 😁
You all are making me sick with envy. A native of NH but now in GA where I can DD my Redeye year round. I was in NH while you were having fun in ME. Wish I could have joined you all. Hopefully there will be other opportunities. Love all the pictures 👍
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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