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I’ll take it. It’s going in the proper direction.
Here are the order status codes to continue making sure that your build is going in the right direction.

Order Status Codes

BX – good order available for scheduling
BB – fleet order only – review by Bid Dept
BD – special equipment processing
BE – edit error – coding error must be corrected before schedule
BG – order has passed edit but not considered for scheduling
BG F – finance hold – automatic cancellation after 15 days
BG B - build out hold
BG L – material restriction hold
BG M – material hold (fleet)
ZA - cancelled order
C – tentative schedule
D – firm schedule; number is assigned
D1 –gateline: plant has sequenced the unit for production,
E – framing
F – paint
G – trim
I – unit is pending final inspection
J – vehicle has passed final inspection but not released to carrier
JB – shipped to body vendor
JE – shipped to emissions
JJ – consigned body vendor
JS – shipped to storage
KZ – released by plant and invoiced
Traffic Codes
KZ L – released but not shipped
KZ M – first rail departure
KZ N – first rail arrival
KZ O - delayed/received
KZ OA – plant hold, quality audit
KZ OB - zone or dealer hold,sales hold,vehicle prep hold,tax
hold,finance hold, dealer refusal, diversion hold, vehicle diverted,
derailment hold
KZ OC – carrier delay hold, rail car shortage,bad load, insufficient
load, inclement weather, need shipping order, manifest order,
strike-bound hold, emission or safety hold
KZ OE – misdropped or misshipped vehicle
KZ OF – shipped air freight, stolen vehicle recovered, show vehicle
test info code, vessel sailed
KZ OG – damaged vehicle, stolen vehicle, abandon to
carrier,vehicle scrapped, donate vehicle, repair and auction
KZ OH – all other carrier codes that currently post an “O” delay
code that are not included above
KZ R – vehicle with a few days of arrival to dealer
Order Status Codes.doc
KZ T – second rail departure
KZ U – second rail arrival
KZ X – delivered to dealer
KZ Y1 – major damage – must not be sold as new
KZ Y2 – major damage – vehicle sold at auction

In-Transit: 21 WB HC Charger
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Stopped by the local dealer I ordered my car at to get an update and it seems like my order has moved from ‘Pending order’ to Tentative schedule’. View attachment 583278
You might or might not know that your POC is basically like a cheat sheet per se. It provides you with:
HB = Holdback what the dealer will make from FCA when they sell a vehicle at invoice.
FFP = Friends and Family Plan; you can get a "buddy" discount from knowing someone who works for FCA.
EP = Employee Pricing and it is a set vehicle price for corporate FCA employees.

In-Transit: 21 WB HC Charger
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After 20 years in the car business I just call them an ‘invoice’. I did about 6 years in CDJR dealerships. Even though I got this RE coming for ‘Supplier Pricing’- FFP as you stated it kills me because I used to write my own deals to buy a Dodge, Ram, or Jeep for FAR LESS money. Oh Well.
😮 I see that you are a veteran in the car industry. I should have known something was up since the invoice you provided shows all the pricing. Now I'm happy that I stated, "you might or might not know".

How were you able to buy below supplier pricing? Vehicle pricing is a subject that I always find intriguing.
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