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2022 world finals

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Hagan needs a miracle but top fuel gonna be a hook fest! Mike Green and Tommy DeLago duke’in it out with Grubnic and the gang from so cal! My money is on Cali lol. But I never bet against any car in the force camp. Especially not at Pomona. Still wishing Hagan Capps and Ashley’s teams the best of luck. They are gonna need it! Anyone here coming to the track?
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Oh here lemme back it down a lil and find my slow (less than 295 at the 1/8) race day tune up:

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Now. Did I just curse him? It is NITRO. Anything can happen. And I do mean ANYTHING!
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Let’s do this : )
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Those are the ones that warm up the fans in the stands when it’s 65° : )
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It’s ok Mopar fans. That’s what every Chevy looks like with 50 psi and 85% : )

It’s gonna happen every once in a while even with a Hemi

Different day different conditions…

They have Brittany’s car all tore apart in the staging lanes lol
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Upset city

Torrence is on the trailer

Salinas will prolly never wanna run this track again. What Jay’s kid did to his kid last in alcohol night was bad enough but he’s packing too now

Ashley too!

It’s a wrap

Congrats Brittany : )
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Dodge Power Brokers


Championship hopes?


Last years champ is Height’s only threat now
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Gonna go out on a limb and predict Height and Cruz both make it to the final
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Not a fan but it is what it is
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So Robert August is going to the semi’s????

Damn Pruitt just blew her engine
What are you talking about?

2nd round hasn’t even started yet lol


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Did it blow it up warming the car?
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Well Force isn’t gonna mess up my final rd prediction lol
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And Pruett didn’t blow up. She just got beat.

Lost by .007

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His back tires musta been 3’ off the ground ha
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Damn. Tasca beat Height

I have no idea who’s gonna win the race

Or the championship either!

84° track

DA just over 2000’

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