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2023 Charger wide body HellCat

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just took delivery of my 2023 charger widebody hellcat.
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Congrats man. Beautiful Charger Hellcat WB.
I have to say, black on the Charger is quite striking. I just bought my brand new '22 Redeye and was not my first choice until I saw one in real time......gosh...what a menacing look they have in Black Edition takes it one step further. I must say I have fallen back in love with a black car.

Happy Motoring
I agree. But sometimes I get tired of keeping it clean lol. Everyone knows black cars can be a pita to maintain sometimes.

Even if your car needs minor paint correction, I’d do that first. And then have it ceramic coated. Also, use a good car wash soap like Adams and the ceramic coat will last longer.

I put Griot’s 3 in 1 ceramic wax on top of it too. It looks even better and helps longevity

‘Here’s my ‘22 after I had it paint corrected and coated by a good detail shop.

‘I have to put on the Luxe side markers tint decals on too.
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Black looks Awesome on All muscle cars, That’s for sure.

And that mirror shine
Octane Red and the couple different Blue colors look great too on Challenger Hellcats.
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