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2023 Dodge Durango Hellcat

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I am happy to say that I placed my order for a new 2023 Dodge Durango Hellcat on 'day one', and already have a VIN. According to my good friend @ the local dealership, he believes that my order was the first one on the books for 2023, with my VIN ending in 000. Either way, I am excited and can't wait to get my hands on it. She will be Destroyer Grey w/ Redline Red/Black stripes, and Demonic Red interior, w/ all available options. I found it interesting that even though I got my VIN, there is no breakdown for price on the POC. I am guessing that prices have gone way up for 2023.
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I am happy to say that I placed my order for a new 2023 Dodge Durango Hellcat on 'day one', and already have a VIN. According to my good friend @ the local dealership, he believes that my order was the first one on the books for 2023, with my VIN ending in 000. Either way, I am excited and can't wait to get my hands on it. She will be Destroyer Grey w/ Redline Red/Black stripes, and Demonic Red interior, w/ all available options. I found it interesting that even though I got my VIN, there is no breakdown for price on the POC. I am guessing that prices have gone way up for 2023.
Congrats on the order and the VIN! I will be tracking build progress again for 2023 buyers as I did in 2021.
Pricing is known and if you got it fully loaded your MSRP breakdown is as follows...
2023 Durango SRT Hellcat Base Price: $91,185
Premium Trim: $10,900
Destroyer Gray Exterior Paint: $395
SRT Black Package: $1,995
Mopar Dual Stripes - Black/Redline Red: $1,295
Destination Fee: $1,595
MSRP Total: $107,365

I have seen a post where they added $2k to the initial Base, Plus, Premium pricing but from the POCs I have seen so far the pricing above holds...for now.
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Do you think they will come with a different interior/specs later on? My dealer is wanted $5k over but I will pass.
No. The only two interior options for the 2023 SRT Durangos (392 or Hellcat) is the "base" Black Nappa leather with suede inserts or the Demonic Red Laguna leather. As many have stated the only way to currently place and order is to select either the Plus or Premium trim level, which includes the Demonic Red Laguna. You can down select to the base Black Nappa leather with suede but you will not get a credit. Some folks have been successful doing this like @goodmanale and I have seen other POCs as well.
Options are truly limited for 2023. Only options right now are the SRT Black Package and choice of Mopar Dual Stripes as desired. I would expect the Base trim, Lightweight Package and 3 Season Tires to open up at a later date (that is of course if they don't fill their SOLD order target in advance).
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Yes, read my previous post - there will be at least THREE diferent interior colors to choose from: Black, Black/Light Frost, and Black/Demonic Red.
Black/Light Frost Beige is the standard cloth seating option on SXT, GT and R/T trims only.
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I guess it's a good thing that I wanted Demonic Red interior w/ the Destroyer Grey exterior w/ Redline Red/Black stripes - it will look awesome! And, I am not sure if this is true - because how is Demonic Red interior suppose to go/ with the Frostbite Blue exterior? If this is true, it is very strange for sure.
They have offered Frostbite with Demonic Red on Chargers and Challengers for a few years. It's not for everyone but you could call it the true 'Merica color combo. I have a 2021 DDHC in Reactor Blue with the Demonic Red Laguna and love it. Reactor Blue is a bit darker than Frostbite.
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Did they state how many DDHC are going to be produced? Allocation based?
Lots of different information out there, but it seems for now Dodge has pivoted once again from what they said at the 2023 media launch at M1 Concourse.
Initially, they were going to build as many sold orders as they received. Now it seems like the magic number is 1,600 and allocations are required to order.
2023 production hasn't even started yet and I know the DDHCs will be built "later" in the production cycle, but that doesn't mean more orders will open up later (same thing that happened in 2021).
Heck, you can't even order a DDHC in any of the new colors for 2023 yet. Surely they would give folks the chance to do so.
It seems to always be the case when you want to get an order in early - my 2023 Super Stock order was the same way, w/ the Rear Seat Delete option, as well as the Carbon Fiber Suede Package not being available for my first day order. It's a bummer, but not nearly as bad as GM, as all of the early Z06 cars will not have the Z07 Performance Package, or any other the Carbon Fiber goodies that make the car look so much better. Basically, all of the Z06 cars for 2023 will be stripped down versions. You will have to wait for 2024 to get all of the desirable options.
A lot of the early Z06s (excluding Rick Hendrick's of course) I have seen that have been delivered have been fully loaded with all the carbon fiber goodies (including the wheels). I know that won't be the case but I too have been surprised how many are fully loaded after all the initial ordering confusion for that car.
Ordered mine today. Spoke with dealer yesterday and Plus and Premium packages were only choices available. No base. Wish I would have done it yesterday because the Premium Pkg was highlighted in red on screen and could not be selected today. I sat with manger as he went through order screen. Plus Pkg was only way order could be placed. Only 4 exterior colors to choose from: Black, Destroyer Gray, Red and White. Absolutely the only seat choice was Laguna Black/Demonic Red. Only options that could be selected were Black Package, Stripes and 3 season tires. Wanted 3rd row seat delete but not listed as an option.
Congrats! Keep on your dealer, even after you get your VIN, to see if you can switch to the Premium trim before you hit D1 status.
Already went D and had VIN this morning. Dealer tried to enter system and check if Premium Pkg was available again. They could not even get in. Order banks are now closed and can no longer order a 23 Durango HC. That was quick, only open a few days.
This is going to make for an interesting yet frustrating 2023 for folks ordering new Dodge products. I am guessing your dealer might not have been let in if they used up their allocations, but only time will tell. I highly doubt Dodge had orders for all allocations they allowed during this first go round. Since the colors were limited to the 2022 palette I am wondering if they will build and early batch (still a month or two after regular 2023 production starts), open the order board again with the added colors and then build the balance towards the back end of 2023. Just a thought since I lived this in 2021.
Why do you believe the other color options will be available later on?
Not like Dodge to dangle that carrot out there and not let it see the light of day. New colors are usually "late availability." Take In-Violet for instance on the 2021 DDHCs. It was in the initial press release as an available color and then it disappeared. Only to be resurrected when they reopened the order board to build more DDHCs in May of 2021 (even though it had been on GTs and R/Ts for a year or more).
In Dodge's 2023 Durango Hellcat announcement they made it a point to photoshop pictures showing Frostbite and Triple Nickel (and list the color specifically in the image details) and when they finally released the formal specifications and features for 2023 Durangos earlier this month all those colors were in there and marked as late availability.

As 2023 goes on Dodge will have a better idea of how their Hellcat engine builds are going and I would assume they will adjust the number of DDHCs for 2023 either up or down at that point.

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Does that mean it was in BG status? Is that the stage where you only have a VON?
You're just going to have to sit back and chill. BG means the order has passed edit, but cannot be considered for scheduling at this time. That could be for a variety of reasons. What was the configuration of your order? Dodge is playing the weird order game again for the Durango Hellcats and is causing PTSD for all of us that lived through it in 2020/2021. Have your dealer check for order updates on a weekly basis on a Friday and see if there is any movement. Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed with Durango Hellcat orders. There is no definitive start date for 2023 Durangos, let alone Durango Hellcats which will most likely start several months after regular Durango production begins. Dodge is struggling to finish the 2022 builds due to parts shortages. I won't be too concerned that you haven't received a VIN yet.
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Let me put a few things out there for everyone to think about.
1. 2022 has been a continued disaster to try and build anything automotive due to on-going parts and labor shortages. As a result everyone is behind on orders and it has continued to screw up their year-on-year planning for volume. Look how the Durango model year cycle changed in 2021 and went clear to the end of the year. 2022 looks to be in the same boat.
2. 2023 will be more of the same. With final runs for the Charger and Challenger, Dodge will focus a lot of their attention and parts resources on those two products.
3. TRX continues to be a cash cow, much beyond Stellantis' wildest dreams. If they build them, people seem to buy them.
4. No way all of the allocations for 2023 Durango Hellcats have been issued. Based upon how the 2021 DDHC orders/production went I think Dodge was getting a flavor for the DDHC appetite again in 2023 by seeing how fast the initial allocations would disappear even with the ordering constraints (Plus or Premium, same 4 colors as 2022, Black Package, Stripes and 3-season tires as only options). I know of only one person publicly admitting they are waiting for the new colors to be available to order one. I understand the fear Dodge has put into this process of not being able to order one (believe me, most of us lived it in 2021) and folks are ordering one now just to try and get one (even if it isn't exactly what they want).
5. I know folks want to have the last possible Hellcat powered SUV off the line as it might hold value and the like. As it stands right now there is nothing stopping Dodge from continuing the current Durango platform into 2024 as they develop the new design (currently due in 2025). Would the DDHC be available as a 2024 model? Who knows. But you know Tim Kuniskis is going to build as many of these bad boys as he can. He learned his lesson in 2021.
6. Be patient. I know that is a hard thing to hear. We will know more as the 2022 build out continues and Dodge readies for 2023. Heck, Dodge will know more too.
7. Outside of a few new colors and a new fuel system (to meet the evap emissions for 2023), the 2023 DDHC will be identical to the 2021. There are a bunch of 2021 DDHCs hitting the used vehicle market on a weekly basis, most of them at a fair price and some with surprisingly low miles. Used car prices continue to fall. Go find one you like and buy it! Enjoy it now without having to worry about a dealer lying to you about allocations and your order never seeing production as a result. Heck, you will probably avoid the ridiculous markups by buying a used 2021 as well.
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Not to sidetrack the conversation, but this still seems to be the best place to post this information. I found some very good numbers with my morning searches. The Jefferson plant turned out 1414 vehicles over the weekend. Still no DDHC's, I keep waiting for that first sold unit to hit the line!
(There have been 27 DDHC's built so far but all were Pilot vehicles)

Here is the summary of what I found this morning, if anyone finds it of interest.

JGC Limited
Durango R/T
JGC Laredo
Durango GT
Durango SXT
Durango SRT 392
Durango Citadel
Durango Enforcer/Pursuit
@triple_B these are 2023s? I thought JNAP was done with JGC (WK2) production. JGC SRTs have been out of production since last December.
One question what are/is the 27 DDHC “Pilot Vehicles”
Standard new model year pre-production builds required for testing, road shows, media, etc. Some are sold at the end of their useful life via auctions but all are owned by Stellantis.
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One question what are/is the 27 DDHC “Pilot Vehicles”
For the record they build 61 pilot DDHCs in 2021. Of those at least 21 hit the open market after their testing and media tours.
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@goodmanale Have you heard anything from your dealer? Someone on the Facebook groups that had placed a 2023 DDHC order was informed that it was cancelled (along with 1,400 others) and it was most likely due to that dealership (and others) placing orders without allocations. I also found someone posted this list, which I didn't know existed. Is your dealer on this list?

2023 Durango Hellcat Allocation List
1400 is a lot. I know I got a VIN already at least, and my dealer is on this list as well. If you've got a VIN, you should be all set eventually, no?
Yes, having a VIN is a fairly safe indicator that you are good to go if your dealer was on the linked list.
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Sorry to but in, maybe that explains why they haven’t built any yet. Luckily my dealership is on that list if it accurately reflects dealerships that received allocations and I received my VIN.
They haven't built any yet because the Durango Hellcat was going to be "late availability" anyway. No one knows what that means in Dodge's crystal ball except for a "delay" from when 2023s started production. Good news is it seems as though 2023 Durango production started late last week but I am still awaiting confirmation.
Do you know if they are trickling allocations out for these like they did the jailbreaks last year?
That will be the mystery as we head into 2023. I can only assume there will be more allocations. Just don't know when and for how many and if they will go to the same dealers. I am really looking forward to seeing some Durango Hellcats in the new colors.
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I would be curious to know if any of the alleged 1400 canceled orders had a VIN. The dealership I ordered from is on the list, but I do not have a VIN yet or at least the dealership hasn’t informed me of having one yet. I don’t know how many “allocations“ the dealership has, how many were already ordered, etc. I am a little leery because they wanted ADM and then a week later was willing to do sticker. Meaning did they sell all allocations with an ADM and then take more orders at sticker thinking they would get more allocations? I do have a signed Vehicle Buyer’s Order so I know I am price protected. I guess I am going into this hoping for the best but wouldn’t be shocked if I didn’t get one and the order falls though.
I know of at least one person from the Facebook side that ordered from a dealer not on the list and had a VIN and confirmed that his order was cancelled. It's worth a phone call or email to the dealer so you aren't surprised whenever they decide to call you to let you know.
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What are the different order status letters? Does the dealer have to look them up? The website just shows me the VIN and VON and that my order is confirmed.
The dealer will always have the most up-to-date status code if they take the time to look it up when you ask. Here are most of the order codes for Stellantis...

Order Status Codes
BA - new order that hasn't been checked/approved
BB - fleet order only - review by Bid Department
BD - special equipment processing
BE - edit error - coding error which must be corrected before the order can be considered for scheduling
BG - order has passed edit but cannot be considered for scheduling
BG F - finance hold - automatic cancellation after 15 days
BG B - model or option hold / build out hold
BG L - material restriction hold
BG M - material hold (fleet)
BX - good order, available for scheduling
ZA - cancelled order

C - tentative schedule
D - firm schedule: serial number is assigned.
D1 - gateline: plant has sequenced the unit for production, estimated ship date assigned
D2 - gateline: framing and build imminent, usually within 3-6 days
Note: Once a vehicle reaches scheduled (C or D) status, it cannot be cancelled by the dealer. Orders can sit in D-status for up to 60 days.

E - framing
F - paint
G - trim

I - unit is pending final inspection
J - vehicle has passed final inspection, but has not been released to carrier
JB - shipped to body vendor
JE - shipped to emissions
JJ - consigned body vendor
JS - shipped to storage
KZ - released by plant and invoiced
Note: Vehicles must reach KZ-status before an invoice can be generated.

Traffic Codes

KZ P – shipped to upfitter / body vender for stripes or factory accessories
KZ L - released but not shipped
KZ M - first rail departure
KZ N - first rail arrival
KZ O - delayed/received
KZ OA - plant hold, quality audit
KZ OB - zone or dealer hold, sales hold, vehicle prep hold, tax hold, finance hold, dealer refusal, diversion hold, vehicle diverted, derailment hold
KZ OC - carrier delay hold, rail car shortage, bad load, insufficient load, inclement weather, need shipping order, manifest error, strike-bound hold, emission or safety hold.
KZ OD - mechanical failure, glass damage, vehicle lacking parts, vehicle in repair, storage hold
KZ OE - misdropped or misshipped vehicle
KZ OF - shipped air freight, stolen vehicle recovered, show vehicle, test info code, vessel sailed
KZ OG - damaged vehicle, stolen vehicle, abandon to carrier, vehicle scrapped, donate vehicle, repair and auction
KZ OH - all other carrier codes that currently post an "O" delay code that are not included above
KZ R - vehicle within a few days of arrival to dealer
KZ T - second rail departure
KZ U - second rail arrival
KZ X - delivered to dealer
KZ Y1 - major damage - must not be sold as new
KZ Y2 - major damage - vehicle sold at auction
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