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2023 Dodge Durango Hellcat

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I am happy to say that I placed my order for a new 2023 Dodge Durango Hellcat on 'day one', and already have a VIN. According to my good friend @ the local dealership, he believes that my order was the first one on the books for 2023, with my VIN ending in 000. Either way, I am excited and can't wait to get my hands on it. She will be Destroyer Grey w/ Redline Red/Black stripes, and Demonic Red interior, w/ all available options. I found it interesting that even though I got my VIN, there is no breakdown for price on the POC. I am guessing that prices have gone way up for 2023.
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You can order it without the red seats, you're just paying for them in the Plus package.
I ordered mine with the standard black seats.

Worth noting that this is only an issue with early orders since Dodge isn't allowing ordering of the "base" package (not plus or premium) as of yet.


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POC for my order - the (2XY) Prefered Customer Package includes most every option. I also added the Black Package as well. Pretty much loaded I guess
age as well.
I wish I got my VIN already. I wonder if they are slowly rolling allocations to dealerships still. Mine still shows pending until my dealer gets their official allocation numbers.
Just odd because they're a power broker too, so I'd assume they would have high priority.
I didn't think I could even order a base model yet. Thought those would come out after the high zoot versions.
You can't, it doesn't show up in the system as an option yet. Base production will be even later in the production cycle, assuming it ever actually gets offered.
Dang, my dealer still doesn't have their allocations from Dodge yet. So mine is still pending order.
This entire rollout is pretty strange, feels like Dodge didn't have much of a plan in place, and if they did, they didn't share it with the dealers. They're in the dark as much as we are.
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I heard, and this was discussed previously on this thread, that the order banks for the DDHC has been shut down. Who knows?
For that particular dealer maybe. No one else has confirmed anything similar.
My dealer still can access the order page, but are still waiting on their allocations before the pending order can be entered.
My dealer says they know they will get allocations, they just can't order until they are told exactly how many they will be allocated.
Quick update, looks like we are up to 362 accepted orders for DDHC's as of tonight
Almost halfway allocated if they're only going to build 1000 haha.
Dodge better send my dealer their allocations after Thanksgiving, starting to get nervous how long it's taking.
Try having your dealer place your order anyway - my dealer did not have an allocation yet when I ordered mine on day one, but my order was accepted w/ a VIN assinged two days later. You never know and it can't hurt.
Thanks I'll call tomorrow and make the request. Definitely worth a shot!
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Try having your dealer place your order anyway - my dealer did not have an allocation yet when I ordered mine on day one, but my order was accepted w/ a VIN assinged two days later. You never know and it can't hurt.
Well my dealer says they can't place the order without allocation, so I am still pending in order purgatory until they receive their allocation.

I wonder if Dodge has paused the allocation rollout or if they really are just taking their sweet time. Seems quite a few other people have had luck with their dealers who have already been given their allocation in the last week or so.
I can put you in touch with a dealer that has allocation. Where are you located?
Houston, TX

The key is at-invoice for the sale price though. Spoke with two other local dealers that stated they had allocation, but were charging $10k markup.
I think you mean at MSRP, not invoice. No dealer will sell one at invoice.
It'll be at invoice. It's barely under MSRP, not a huge difference. I think I posted my photo of my pending build showing the price difference between MSRP and invoice.
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I thought your dealer didn’t have an allocation. Do you have an order submitted?
Correct, I'm in waiting until they receive their allocation. I am just stating what we agreed on for the order.
Also waiting to see if they will at least try and hit submit without the allocation like previously suggested. Others had some luck, but the whole thing is a mess.
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Well I just spoke to the dealership again on the phone just now, turns out when the orders opened they were given one allocation at that time which the owner bought up immediately which is why they were showing zero when I called a day or two later. Apparently my guy just found out about that owner order.
So he's hoping next week they'll get another allocation for the month of December.
Let me put a few things out there for everyone to think about.
1. 2022 has been a continued disaster to try and build anything automotive due to on-going parts and labor shortages. As a result everyone is behind on orders and it has continued to screw up their year-on-year planning for volume. Look how the Durango model year cycle changed in 2021 and went clear to the end of the year. 2022 looks to be in the same boat.
2. 2023 will be more of the same. With final runs for the Charger and Challenger, Dodge will focus a lot of their attention and parts resources on those two products.
3. TRX continues to be a cash cow, much beyond Stellantis' wildest dreams. If they build them, people seem to buy them.
4. No way all of the allocations for 2023 Durango Hellcats have been issued. Based upon how the 2021 DDHC orders/production went I think Dodge was getting a flavor for the DDHC appetite again in 2023 by seeing how fast the initial allocations would disappear even with the ordering constraints (Plus or Premium, same 4 colors as 2022, Black Package, Stripes and 3-season tires as only options). I know of only one person publicly admitting they are waiting for the new colors to be available to order one. I understand the fear Dodge has put into this process of not being able to order one (believe me, most of us lived it in 2021) and folks are ordering one now just to try and get one (even if it isn't exactly what they want).
5. I know folks want to have the last possible Hellcat powered SUV off the line as it might hold value and the like. As it stands right now there is nothing stopping Dodge from continuing the current Durango platform into 2024 as they develop the new design (currently due in 2025). Would the DDHC be available as a 2024 model? Who knows. But you know Tim Kuniskis is going to build as many of these bad boys as he can. He learned his lesson in 2021.
6. Be patient. I know that is a hard thing to hear. We will know more as the 2022 build out continues and Dodge readies for 2023. Heck, Dodge will know more too.
7. Outside of a few new colors and a new fuel system (to meet the evap emissions for 2023), the 2023 DDHC will be identical to the 2021. There are a bunch of 2021 DDHCs hitting the used vehicle market on a weekly basis, most of them at a fair price and some with surprisingly low miles. Used car prices continue to fall. Go find one you like and buy it! Enjoy it now without having to worry about a dealer lying to you about allocations and your order never seeing production as a result. Heck, you will probably avoid the ridiculous markups by buying a used 2021 as well.
Appreciate the points here. Especially the patience part.

Just isn't fun not knowing how it'll all turn out, and if they'll pull another fast one and sell it again in 2024 anyway.
But like you said, there's still time and likely more allocations. They should give my dealer at least another one I can take a crack at.
Still waiting on allocation for my DDHC, checked in with the dealer yesterday (typically they receive new allocations the first Tuesday of the month).
No allocation for the DDHC, but they did get some new DD392 allocations which were previously closed out. So hoping this is a sign of a step in the right direction.

Seems like 2021 jailbreaks all over again according to the dealer; trickle allocations thoughout the year may be what we're looking at for these.
Yea the only reason the DDHC purchase was entertained was because my wife hates driving my Charger because it's not up high like her Wrangler. So I finally get my Hellcat.
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"CWGrizzwold, post: 4556534, member: 105101"]
@goodmanale Have you heard anything from your dealer? Someone on the Facebook groups that had placed a 2023 DDHC order was informed that it was cancelled (along with 1,400 others) and it was most likely due to that dealership (and others) placing orders without allocations. I also found someone posted this list, which I didn't know existed. Is your dealer on this list?

2023 Durango Hellcat Allocation List

They are on the list, yes.
Does the list just mean they're getting allocation in general or just one singular allocation?

If it's just one I may be out of luck. Last I spoke with my dealer, my salesman found out the owner placed an order for one the second orders opened. They received only 1 allocation on day one, so I was a day or two late calling them. But the dealership owner is always going to have the most swing I would think anyway. So maybe either way I would have had to wait.

So we are currently waiting for them to receive another allocation. Fingers crossed.
As of last Tuesday they only received more allocations for DD392's, so I'll call again tomorrow.

Do you know if they are trickling allocations out for these like they did the jailbreaks last year?
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That will be the mystery as we head into 2023. I can only assume there will be more allocations. Just don't know when and for how many and if they will go to the same dealers. I am really looking forward to seeing some Durango Hellcats in the new colors.
I'm really hoping they get another allocation when Dodge opens up the orders for the base model (and the new colors, for the folks out there that want them).
That way I can modify my pending order right before we submit it.

Would be a nice Christmas gift to get a VIN.
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Good question, that reminds me, we ordered pizza this weekend and Pizza Hut offers a order tracker, well after the eta per the tracker we called Pizza Hut, and asked where was the pizza, there response, oh, that tracker never is right!!!! Like the Dodge order tracker!
Dominos is far superior (their tracker works extremely well too).
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