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2023 horse power locator Challengers Ship Dates

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Wondering if people are getting Ship dates yet? I ordered a Hellcat standard, on 10/31/22 and have a estimated ship date of 12/13/22. My status is "D" firm schedule serial number assigned. And i do have a VIN. My Challenger is fairly optioned out. Is anyone else is seeing ship dates this quick? It is estimated and i would be very surprised if it happens. I was hoping just to get it by spring.
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Yes it was ordered, and I am aware that no options. They placed the order upon my deposit. I could have chosen a Black Ghost, but I preferred a 4 door. I have a signed contract and know management well, no issues, just a wait like everyone else.
Got it...I attempted to purchase the allocation from a local dealer...the way they are doing it forced me to give them the HARD pass, and a good laugh. They are doing a silent auction for the ADM and when it comes in the person with the highest bid gets the car. Minimum buy is was $25k. As of right now they have no idea what MSRP will be either, so your bid plus the price of the car gets you your final price
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