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21 Charger Hellcat thinks its remote started - when its started with the key normally...

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Im about sick of this Charger. Since day uno its been one WEIRD car. Tons of weird driving glitches and then the incident at the track and after on the way home with it going to zero boost at the top of 4th.

Now we have a new issue. YAY. This ******* car thinks I remote start it even though I get into the car with the key and push the brake and hit the button.

It gets really loud like all the fans are running and the radio stays off, just like when its remote started. The dash shows press the brake and press the start button.

Then after like 10 seconds of trying to get it out of remote start mode, it shuts off and says remote start disabled. Then I can start it normally.

This has happened twice in three days. Car is not daily driven and only has 2500 miles. No codes stored.

I am ready to launch it to one of those car buyers for premium money and get something that doesnt run on beta software. This damn car pissing me off.

Anyone heard of this shit?
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Does the car sit? Mine does that too, seems to be after the car sits for a more than a couple of days. Otherwise it seems to remote start ok. I haven't gotten the chance to check mine though.
A low battery that is low but not too low to start the car, will allow the car to remote start but then die a few seconds later. Reason is after it starts the car runs through a quick check of things and if there's anything it doesn't like, it will stop the engine. This is remote start only, with a manual start it would otherwise keep running. So put your battery on a slow overnight charge and problem should be solved.

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