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21 Charger Hellcat thinks its remote started - when its started with the key normally...

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Im about sick of this Charger. Since day uno its been one WEIRD car. Tons of weird driving glitches and then the incident at the track and after on the way home with it going to zero boost at the top of 4th.

Now we have a new issue. YAY. This ******* car thinks I remote start it even though I get into the car with the key and push the brake and hit the button.

It gets really loud like all the fans are running and the radio stays off, just like when its remote started. The dash shows press the brake and press the start button.

Then after like 10 seconds of trying to get it out of remote start mode, it shuts off and says remote start disabled. Then I can start it normally.

This has happened twice in three days. Car is not daily driven and only has 2500 miles. No codes stored.

I am ready to launch it to one of those car buyers for premium money and get something that doesnt run on beta software. This damn car pissing me off.

Anyone heard of this shit?
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For those of you who think im joking or dont believe me, here's a video of proof. The dealer is backed up for weeks to get in to see an SRT certified tech. What you see is me opening the completely cold car thats been sitting two days. When I get it with the key in pocket, hold the brake and press the button, the car starts but acts like I remote started it asking to press the brake and the start button again. I tried it a few times, no change pressing the button with the brake on.

Only putting it in reverse kicks it into the normal mode(not remote started). This is very strange and is the 4th time its happened in a few weeks. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Has it done it with more than 1 key? Troubleshoot to see if it's a bad key? It detects you're using a red key but something is still unhappy .
I've only been using one key since new two months ago. I can try the other red key. But man this is weird.
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