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21 Charger Scatpack 12k miles. Grease leak at Pinion

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At oil change time at my trusted shop (A +D) here in Lakeland, Tech noticed this. Not enough to drip or smell. Not sure it’s related, but when decelerating and coming to a stop at about 10-15 mph there is a detectable hum rhythmic sound related to road speed. I’d describe it as a weep or slight sling where the driveshaft goes into the pumpkin. Warranty so it has to go to the Dealer. Purchased at Lakeland Dodge. Any recommendations here in Central Florida?

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Thanks. Will report back after Dealer inspects.
Thanks. My understanding is that all 6.4 SP’s are 3:09’s. It feels different than the 2:62 in my HC. Maybe it’s perceived.
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According to some youtube videos, this is a known 3:92 SP issue requiring driveshaft replacement, not jus a seal replacement. Won’t get to Dealer for at least 6 weeks and will report back.
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